Aluminum Anodizing Bay - Containment

Universal Alloy Corporation, Romania
Anodizing Bay and Waste Treatment Area
Primer 101, HiChem™


Universal Alloy Corporation fabricates hard alloy aircraft structures for some of the top aircraft manufacturers in the business including Boeing, Airbus and Lockheed Martin. The fabrication process involves anodizing aluminium parts, which involves corrosive materials. The manufacturer needed to coat a newly constructed 12,000-square-foot secondary containment area around the aluminium anodizing bay and industrial waste treatment area with a corrosive resistant material to protect against chemicals used in the manufacturing process. Because the concrete had not been vibrated adequately after it was poured and due to leaking groundwater during construction, the concrete pad was damaged. Repairs needed to be made before coating could begin. There was also a short timeframe for this project, because the contractor was already behind schedule. Therefore, a product that could be applied quickly and easily was key.



The coatings contractor, Allgard Coatings, chose Rhino Linings Hi-Chem 21-70 for the job because it is highly chemical resistant, adheres to most substrates and provides excellent corrosion protection. First, the surface was blasted and vacuumed to create a clean profile. Thousands of pinholes, were discovered on the surface of the concrete. The damage had to be repaired with a cement epoxy resin before coating could begin. Once repaired, Primer 101 was applied to the concrete substrate using a roller. Next, Hi-Chem polyurethane lining was applied using a high-pressure plural component sprayer. The coating was built up to 120 mil thickness in five passes. Then the edges were trimmed and finished.



Universal Alloy Corporation has been extremely happy with both the appearance and the performance of the secondary containment area. The coating was applied correctly and has held up nicely in both the anodizing and waste treatment areas to spills of sulphuric acid and other caustics. Completing the installation process quickly was a major concern of the contractor, and even with the repairs that needed to be made to the concrete, the project was completed in 17 days.

More about Rhino Linings® Products Used:

Primer 101

Primer 101 is a 1:1 ratio, two-component, 100% solids (no solvents), zero VOCs, flexible, epoxy primer and sealing material for wood and concrete.


HiChem™, the most chemical-resistant Rhino Linings formulation, remains stable in a variety of immersion applications. It is typically sprayed onto metal and concrete surfaces, but it can adhere to almost any substrate. HiChem provides excellent corrosion resistance and will not deteriorate from most chemical attacks.