No one knows the world of vehicle protection better than Rhino Linings - just ask any of our thousands of satisfied customers around the world with a Rhino Linings pickup truck bed liner. 


Rhino Linings' sprayed on elastomeric polyurethane, polyurea and hybrid solutions are 100% solids, VOC free and designed for reducing maintenance costs and maximizing equipment's return on investment.  Rhino coatings can be sprayed or case onto virtually any type of equipment and substrate, regardless of penetrations or shape, and whether new or in-service. 


Our history and reputation prove that we can take linings to the extreme limits of endurance with applications on some the most rigorous vehicles, including railroad cars, commercial/specialty vehicles, fire/EMS/ambulances, heavy equipment, vans/trailers and mass transit.


• Cushions cargo and prevents damage from shifting during transit

 • UV stable while protecting marine equipment and property from sun damage and color fading

 • Excellent impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance, and provides a high level of skid resistance, sound deadening, and vibration absorption

 • Protects equipment from the harsh, corrosive marine environment

 • Versatility - formulations can be sprayed to almost any substrate, including: steel, concrete, plastic, fiberglass, metals, wood and geotextile surfaces and many more. 

Typical Applications

• Bulldozers

• Cement mixers

• Commercial - specialty vehicles

• Dump trucks

• Fire truck water and storage compartments

• Haul trucks

• Livestock trailer floors and walls

• Luggage compartments

• Railroad cars

• Snow equipment

• Salt spreaders

• and More...

Proven Benefits

• Reduces maintenance costs, repairs and equipment downtime

• Increases personnel safety and productivity

• Adds years of life to any surface

• Cushions cargo and prevents damage from shifting during transit

• Shields against abrasion, impacts, and abuse from the elements

• Impermeable barrier against rust and corrosion

• Environmentally friendly, no VOC's or solvents

• Won't crack, peel, spilt, or warp

• UV resistant, no yellowing