Rhino Patch Compound

Rhino™ Patch Compound is a non-structural two-part patch system that produces a putty-like substance designed for repairing large cracks (no greater than 3 inches in diameter) and deep holes in concrete. It can create a smooth radius or angled transition from floors to walls and can be a bridging material over seams, bolts and welds on metal surfaces. Repairs larger than 3 inches in diameter should be made with a cementitious based plastic mortar mix prior to diamond grinding or other forms of surface preparation.


Rhino Patch Compound Data Sheet

Features & Benefits

• No odor when cured

• Environmentally friendly (100% solids, zero VOCs)

• Compatible with the FastFloor™ base coat and other Rhino Linings spray lining products


Applications include garage floors, driveways, warehouses, walkways, wastewater treatment tanks, fuel storage tanks, etc. Rhino™ Patch Compound is applied using a pneumatic plural component cartridge gun with a 1/2 inch diameter 32 element static mix tube.

Typical Physical Properties

Solid Content100%
VOC (lbs/gal)Zero
Viscosity, cps (at 77°F)20,000
Adhesion. Psi350 (concrete failure)
Elongation %30
Operating Range (once fully cured)-20º F to 110º F
Gel Time (at 77° F)Approx: 2 minutes
Final Cure (at 77° F)1 hour (approx. 75% cured)


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