If it can corrode, fail, or leak, it will. That’s why water and wastewater treatment facilities globally have chosen Rhino Linings polyurethane-polyurea coatings as their protection solution.


 Rhino Hi-Chem offers excellent stability for immersion applications and chemical resistance. It has a superior rigid formulation with the highest amount of molecular cross-linking. Rhino Hi-Chem provides excellent corrosion resistance and will not deteriorate from most chemical attacks and is ideal for wastewater treatment facilities.


The Pipeliner™ series of products: Pipeliner 5000 and Pipeliner 5100 are specially formulated to meet the NSF/ANSI 61 potable water standard. Their excellent flexibility resists impact damage and is an ideal solution for corrosion and abrasion resistance.


Proven Benefits

  • Reduces maintenance costs, repairs and equipment downtime
  • Increases personnel safety and productivity
  • Adds years of life to any surface
  • Cushions cargo and prevents damage from shifting during transit
  • Shields against abrasion, impacts, and abuse from the elements
  • Lower production costs than traditional coating solutions
  • Environmentally friendly, no VOCs or solvents
  • Won't crack, peel, split or warp
  • UV resistant, no yellowing

Features & Applications

  • Tack free within seconds of application with modifiable cure times available
  • Can be sprayed or cast to any desired thickness
  • Versatility – formulations can be sprayed to virtually any substrate including: concrete, steel, metals, fiberglass, wood and geo-textile surfaces
  • Delivers superior corrosion protection and resistance against adverse chemistries such as gasoline, JP3, diesel, crude oil, condensates, brine water, hydroxides, solvents, peroxides, salts, lye and various other harsh chemicals.

Rhino Certifications

  • ACI 350.2R-04 (containment of hazardous materials)
  • CAFO 40 – 412 (secondary containment)
  • FAC 62-762.501 (Florida storage of hazardous waste)
  • FDA 21 CFR 175.300 and 177.1680 (incidental food contact)
  • NSF 61 (potable water)
  •  SSPC 40 – CFR 112 & 264 (oil pollution)
  • SSPC-TU2 / NACE 6G197 (Florida – environmental containment)