Q. Do I have to buy a system for my lining, coating or insulation application?

Q. What are 100% solids polyurethane and polyurea coatings?

Q. What size containers do the formulations come in?

Q. What surface prep is required for linings or coatings?

Q. Can additional material be added to Rhino Linings coatings to increase slip-resistance?

Q. Can I get a do-it-yourself lining kit?

Q. How long do I need to wait after application before I can begin using my equipment again?

Q. Can Rhino Linings be cast or only sprayed?

Q. Are your formulations environmentally friendly?

Q. What is the difference between the Rhino Lining formulations?

Q. Does coating or lining application require a lot of downtime?

Q. Can I remove Rhino Linings after it has been sprayed to my equipment?

Q. Does the lining have to be black?

Q. Does the lining require special care?

Q. Can I get a customized coating or lining surface texture?

Q. Will the lining hold up in very rugged conditions and temperature extremes?

Q. What surfaces can Rhino Linings be applied to?

Q. How thick can Rhino Linings be sprayed?

Q. How is Rhino Linings applied?

Q. Are Rhino Linings repairable?