SolarMax® is a two-component, 100% solids (no VOCs, no solvents), exothermic, rapid curing, polyaspartic polyurea lining system. SolarMax is based on aliphatic chemistry which has excellent color and gloss stability. This product combines the durability of a tough polyurea elastomer with excellent color and gloss stability of a topcoat into one product—an ideal coating for applications that require a UV-stable, high-gloss finish.


SolarMax is 100% solids by weight and volume, with NO solvents or VOCs. Its seamless membrane allows for an application of unlimited thickness while drying to the touch in seconds and fully curing within 24 hours. SolarMax is available in a 1:1 ratio formulation.

SolarMax Formulation Properties

• Excellent weather resistance

• Excellent corrosion resistance

• Excellent color and gloss retention

• Good chemical resistance for both light and dark colors

• Excellent flexibility

• Excellent impact resistance

• High tensile strength and tear strength

• Excellent abrasion resistance

• Maximum thickness – unlimited

Typical SolarMax Applications

  • Outdoor industrial or commercial surfaces
  • Storage tanks
  • Theme parks
  • Fire hydrants
  • Parking zones
  • Safety curbs
  • Emergency lanes
  • Crosswalks