Rhino 406 - Plural Component Epoxy

Rhino™ 406 is a 2:1 epoxy, spray in place pipe lining for use exclusively with plural component spray equipment. It has excellent heat resistance properties allowing its use in elevated temperature environments. Applications are tack free within 2 – 3 hours and may be immediately recoated to achieve additional coats of up to 50 mils to repair cracks or fill defects. Pipes lined with the Rhino™ 406 are returned to service within 24 hours, and will cure underwater providing an exceptionally fast pipe placement and service turnaround. Rhino™ 406 meets NSF 61 standards and fulfills other demanding and time critical application requirements.


 It is a highly versatile formulation designed for use in a wide variety of applications ranging from potable water relining, to highly demanding chemical environment coatings such as gas and oil processing. Rhino™ 406 has excellent adhesion to damp substrates such as manholes, steel, clay, and cementitious pipe or similar conveyances requiring coating and rehabilitation.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid installation of semi structural high build pipe linings and coatings
  • 24 hour return to service for potable water pipe lining to NSF standard 61
  • Extremely tolerant of damp or humid environments, cures underwater
  • Monolithic repair membrane that bridges small cracks and other defects
  • Chemical resistant for gas, oil and other industrial processing applications
  • Heat resistant to 175°F (80°C); suited to hot water pipes/elevated temperature environments
  • Excellent adhesion to damp, cool substrate
  • Available in blue