At Rhino Linings, we know the stakes are high when it comes to maintaining code and environmental standards in containment situations, which is why we provide a variety of solutions to fit exactly the needs of each unique job.


From protecting and maintaining tanks and equipment in order to reduce replacement and repair costs to sealing secondary containment basins to ensure harsh chemicals never leech into the surrounding environment, Rhino Linings is a smart investment that helps ensure your resources are protected. In addition to sprayed-on polyurethanes, polyureas and hybrid protective coatings, Rhino Linings offers 100% solids (Zero VOC) polymers as well as conventional high solids, epoxy coatings and primers that can be sprayed, rolled or trowel-applied to prepared concrete, geotextile, fiberglass, metal or earthen substrates.

Primary & Secondary Containment

Rhino Linings offers sprayed-on protective linings that are ideal for various primary containment situations, both primary and secondary. Below are some Rhino Linings products that are most frequently used in containment applications:

Rhino Extreme™

Rhino Extreme is formulated for extreme, outdoor environments and colder substrates and is frequently used with clairfiers, digesters and equalization basins.


HiChem is formulated for high chemical stability for immersion and chemical resistance and is frequently used with chlorine systems, primary containment, and pipes.


HardLine is formulated for maximum impact and abrasion protection and is frequently used with sludge bins and tanks, sediment basins, and material handling equipment. 

Rhino Hybrid™

Rhino Hybrid is formulated for high humidity, corrosion, and abrasion protection and is frequently used with wet wells, lift stations, and cooling towers. 

Tanks & Pipes

Rhino Linings has specifically formulated a number of products for use with potable water.  Each of these products have been through rigorous testing and meet strict NSF/ANSI 61 standards for use with potable water. 

HiChem 11-70 PW

Formulated as a durable polyurea-based protective coating with excellent chemical resistance. Approved for use in tanks 5 gallons or larger and pipes with a diameter of 0.75" or larger.

Pipeliner 5000

Formulated as a self-supporting liner designed to repair aging or badly damaged oil, gas, sewage and drinking water pipelines.