DuraTite 1070

DuraTite® 1070 is single component, general-purpose, acrylic elastomeric roof coating that demonstrates excellent adhesion to polyurethane foam, concrete, masonry, primed metal, primed wood, and primed asphalt. Once fully cured, DuraTite 1070 demonstrates exceptional weatherability and UV resistance and can be used as a base coat/topcoat roofing system, or as a top coat over urethane or butyl coatings.

DuraTite 1070’s highly reflective, bright-white surface lowers roof surface temperatures, which reduces solar heat-gain, lowers cooling costs, and minimizes the effects of thermal shock on the roof and structure.


Features and Benefits

  • Fast Drying – Dry to touch within an hour (dependant on temperature and RH)
  • Water Proof – Prevents penetration of water
  • Flexible – For long term impact and crack resistance
  • Durable – High tensile strength
  • Labor Savings – Required mils can be applied in one coat
  • Adhesion – Excellent adhesion to most surfaces
  • Environmentally Friendly – Low VOCs

Typical Physical Properties

Tensile Strength (psi): (cps)

ASTM D-2370

234 ± 25

Elongation (%):

ASTM D-2370

126 ± 25

Tear Strength Die C (pli):

ASTM D-624


Permeability (perms) @ 20 mils:

ASTM D-1653


Weathering/UV Resistance (6,000 hrs):


No degradation

Reflectivity (white):

ASTM C-1371

.69 aged 3 yr

Emissivity (white):

ASTM C-1371

.92 aged 3 yr

SRI Value:



Processing Properties

Dry to Touch: 1 hour

Dry to Recoat: 4 hours

Cure Time: 6 – 8 hours

Theoretical Coverage: 125 sq ft/gal @ 11 mil

*Dry and cure times are dependent upon mil thickness and temperature and relative humidity at the time of application. High temperatures and low relative humidity will accelerate the drying and curing process, while low temperatures and high relative humidity will slow the process.