Rhino Hybrid™

Rhino Hybrid™ is a modified polyurea that provides a cost-effective, environmentally sound solution to commercial and industrial applications where high humidity conditions exist, and where maximum corrosion and abrasion protection is required. Rhino Hybrid is ideal for indoor use, as well as for secondary chemical containment, pipes, pump stations and sludge tanks.


Rhino Hybrid has a Shore D 55+/- (ASTM D2240) hardness and a 90-100% (ASTM D412) elongation for the 2:1 ratio formulation and a 250% (ASTM D412) elongation for the 1:1 ratio formulation. It is an excellent cost-effective alternative for HardLine® and requires high-pressure plural equipment.

Rhino Hybrid™ Formulation Properties

Excellent for high humidity conditions
Excellent for low and hot temperature conditions
Excellent for corrosion protection
Good for chemical resistance
Good for weatherability

Typical Rhino Hybrid™ Applications

  • Primary and Secondary Containment
  • Indoor use during high humidity and low and high temperature conditions
  • Floors / Storage areas
  • Pump Stations / Sludge Tanks