Whether the need is for chemical resistance, abrasion resistance or for a fast turnaround; Rhino Linings offers time-tested products that provide long-term performance in critical offshore or onshore realm within the oil and gas industry.

Typical Applications

Our impermeable linings and coatings are installed to address a wide array of corrosion and safety problems in the oil and gas industry, including spills, fires and leaks that may contaminate the surrounding environment.  The following are typical ways in which Rhino Linings are used in the field to increase safety, create longer-lasting equipment and reduce downtime:

• Storage Tanks and Pipes 
• Containment Areas
• Drilling Rigs and Pumps
• Offshore Drilling Platforms
• Frac Ponds and Impoundments
• Oil Field Rig Matting and Flooring
• Pipeline Ditch Breakers