Rhino Eco-Coat (Aluminized Hybrid Polyurea)

Rhino Eco-Coat® is a fire retardant, plural component aluminized hybrid polyurea spray applied lining for commercial and industrial roofs. This system contains UV stabilizers and leafing aluminum pigment for enhanced UV stability.

Rhino Eco-Coat can be sprayed using both high and low pressure plural component spray equipment. Certifications include: 

• UL 790 Class A Rating

Rhino Eco-Coat Data Sheet

Features and Benefits

• Fast Cure – Can be walked on within minutes of being sprayed
• Water Proof – Prevents penetration of water
• Flexible – For long term impact and crack resistance
• Durable – High tensile strength, chemical and abrasion resistance
• Labor Savings – Required mils can be applied in one coat
• Adhesion – Excellent adhesion to most surfaces
• Thermal Stability – From -30°F to 230°F (-34°C to 110°C)
• Environmentally Friendly – Low VOCs


Typical Physical Properties

Tensile Strength (psi):  1100-1400  ASTM D-412

Elongation (%):  260-400  ASTM D-412

Hardness (Shore A):  85+5  ASTM D-2240

Tear Strength Die C (pli):  180-270  ASTM D-624

180° Peel Test (pli):  12.5  ASTM D-903

Water Vapor Transmission:  0.09  ASTM D-4134

Impact Resistance:  160  ASTM D-256

Density:  69-70  ASTM D-1622

Compressive:  800  ASTM D-695

Mandrel Bend:  Pass  ASTM D-522

Glass Transition:  -40oF  ASTM D-7028

Processing Properties

Gel Time (sec) 15 – 20

Tack Free (sec) 60 – 90

Cure Time: 72 hours

Recoat, max: < 4 hours

Theoretical coverage: 1600 sq ft @ 1 mil/gal

Chemical properties of ISO and Resin

  ISO Resin
Viscosity (cps) 1000 750
Specific Gravity 1.2 1.03

Ratio (pbv)




Slightly musty




colorless amber