Komatsu 830e Haul Truck

Rio Tinto
Corrosion Protection and Anti-slip Flooring


This Komatsu 830e 240 ton Haulcab cab is part of a Rio Tinto fleet used in the highly corrosive environment that exists on a mine site. The cab had started to corrode and the client was concerned the existing floor matting did meet their slip resistant requirements. Along side this, as the mats were only partially bolted down, dirt and moisture was being trapped underneath them causing corrosion to the cab floor. The moisture was creating an odour in the cab.



The cab was first sandblasted and repaired prior to application of Rhino Prime 251. It was then sprayed with Rhino Tuff Stuff. The Rhino Tuff Stuff was applied to the cab at a nominal thickness of 2mm to the inside roof, walls and console, 4mm to the underside of the cab and to the inside of the doors and the floor. The floor also had non slip particles applied.



The job was completed over a three day period using a 1/4” fine texture atomizer. The extremely fast cure time of Rhino Tuff Stuff, allowed easy application to vertical and overhead surfaces.


The company was very happy with the cab and intends, over the coming months, to have the same work carried out on the balance of their fleet of Komatsu dump trucks.

More about Rhino Linings® Products Used:


TuffGrip® system is an elastomeric polyurethane/polyurea hybrid lining for non-load bearing or abrasion-resistant linings up to unlimited thickness.