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Protecting hydrosizers from abrasive damage
Primer 251, TuffGrip®


The customer was experiencing corrosion problems in their hydrosizer’s aggregate sorter bins. The aggregate separating process consists of filling a hydrosizer with various sized aggregate particles and then overflowing it with water, forcing the lighter aggregate particles to float over the top of the hydrosizer into an aggregate sorter channel, where they are fed through classifier bins and separated according to size.

Due to the abrasive nature of aggregate materials, the tar coating that had initially been applied by the manufacturer had abraded and eroded, leaving bare steel exposed and subject to further abrasion and corrosion.



A rhino linings industrial applicator was called in to inspect the hydrosizer and aided the customer in specifying Rhino Lining® TuffGrip for the repair because of its superior abrasion and impact resistance as well as its ability to provide an impermeable, monolithic protective layer.

The applicator cleaned and abrasively blasted the metal surface to an angled profile of 2-3 mils. The surface was then primed with a 3-4 mil thick coating of Rhino Linings Primer 251. In order to maximize the density of the lining, the applicator then used a casting technique to spray-cast TuffGrip to a minimum of ¼” (.635 cm) thickness on the bottom of the aggregate sorter bin channel.



The prep and application was completed in a single day and the hydrosizer was back in operation with minimal downtime. The plant successfully eliminated their corrosion problem and significantly reduced their equipment replacement and repair expenses, as well as their maintenance cycle downtime.

More about Rhino Linings® Products Used:

Primer 251

Primer 251 is a flexible, elastomeric polyurethane primer and sealant. It has high resistance to acids, hydrolysis and salt spray and withstands mechanical stresses where the liner is subject to impact.


TuffGrip® system is an elastomeric polyurethane/polyurea hybrid lining for non-load bearing or abrasion-resistant linings up to unlimited thickness.