Whether you are transporting critical fuel to waiting troops in a combat zone or simply delivering fuel in a more secured area, the Battle Jacket® Fuel Tanker Self Sealing Technology  (FTSS) has you covered. 

Rhino Linings is a valued supplier to High Impact Technology, LLC supporting their patented BattleJacket self-sealing/self-healing technology.

The BattleJacket system prevents and/or minimizes fuel leakage on fuel tanks due to small arms fire. The coating system uses a spray polyurethane elastomer and proprietary reactive additive which combine to expand and permanently seal holes from ballistic penetration. A specialized application process allows the dynamic coating system to be used for military and industrial applications worldwide. 

High Impact Technology LLC - www.hit-usa.com


BattleJacket Attributes

• Prevents fuel loss caused by IED's, mines, and small arms fire

• Corrosion and abrasion protection

• Vibration and acoustic dampening

• Adds structural integrity to fuel cells

• Can be applied on metal and plastic surfaces

• Easy application patch kit available for larger puncture areas

• Title 40 Section 112 compliant

• Tenacious adhesion for long-term service

• Available in camouflage colors

• Self-sealing polymer

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