Whether retrofitting an existing structure or building from the ground up, Rhino Linings’ high-performance protective coatings improve project durability, water resistance, energy efficiency, safety, and aesthetics.


Our elastomeric linings, coatings and foams reinforce structural integrities, seal and insulate buildings, and produce durable surfaces that can withstand heavy abuse.


Features & Benefits

  • Reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime
  • Extend the service life of equipment
  • Improve crew safety and productivity
  • Sheild against abrasion, impact and abuse from elements
  • Safeguard facilities, equipment and vehicles from corrosion

Typical Applications

  • Work trucks, machinery and equipment (frac tanks, trailers with storage tanks)
  • Industrial flooring solutions
  • Below- and above-grade waterproofing
  • Wall and roofing insulation
  • Architectural/ornamental elements
  • Parking and pedestrian decks
  • Cold storage facilities